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    Affordable IVF Package in KSA/India for Global Patients .
    One stop solution for affordable fertility treatment and wellness package in KSA/India.

    German trained Fertility Specialist.

    European certified Lady Gynaec laparoscopic Surgeon(ETCA,Belgium).

    First University trained Lady Fertility Specialist in Kerala.

    Performed more than 100 IVF Cycles . .

      Vision & Mission
    Our Motto is not Pregnancy, Our goal is delivery of Healthy Baby.

    1- professor Hassan S Jamal -king abdul aziz university hospital jeddah congratulation .I wish you more success and great achievements.You deserve it Sajira .Thank you 2- Dr Khalid Darhouse -king abdul aziz university hospital jeddah Well done .congratulations .It was nice working with you
     IUI – Intrauterine Insemination
    Is a procedure which increases the chance of the egg and sperms meeting.
    In this your husband’s semen sample is collected into a jar, processed in the laboratory to remove the seminal fluid and to select the best quality sperms by addition of special medias.
    This processed sample containing best sperms are injected into the uterine cavity with the help of a catheter (thin tube). Separation takes 1-2 hours .The insemination process is simple and takes few minutes . The wife lies down on a table and a speculum is introduced into the vagina .The doctor puts the cleaned processed sample through the cervix into the uterus. Timing –IUI is done when the ovulation is imminent or just after. To increase the chance of success it is better that your wife take hormonal injection to recruit more egg. You may need to come for follow up for 2-4 times.

    In which patients IUI is a suitable option?
    For IUI to be successful you need to have normal patent tubes. The indications are...

    Mild abnormality in semen parameters.
    When your husband cannot ejaculate in the vagina because of hypospadias, impotence, retrograde ejaculation, or spinal cord         injuries.
    Unexplained infertility.
    Mild or minimal endometriosis patients may benefit from IUI.
    Immunological- antisperm antibodies.
    Cervical factors –poor or hostile mucus.