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    Affordable IVF Package in KSA/India for Global Patients .
    One stop solution for affordable fertility treatment and wellness package in KSA/India.

    German trained Fertility Specialist.

    European certified Lady Gynaec laparoscopic Surgeon(ETCA,Belgium).

    First University trained Lady Fertility Specialist in Kerala.

    Performed more than 100 IVF Cycles . .

      Vision & Mission
    Our Motto is not Pregnancy, Our goal is delivery of Healthy Baby.

    1- professor Hassan S Jamal -king abdul aziz university hospital jeddah congratulation .I wish you more success and great achievements.You deserve it Sajira .Thank you 2- Dr Khalid Darhouse -king abdul aziz university hospital jeddah Well done .congratulations .It was nice working with you
     Investigation of infertile couple
    Identifying the exact cause is essential for proper treatment .Investigations are done to detect the cause of infertility.

    Causes of infertility – male factors -30%, female factors 30%, combined 30%,unexplained – 10%

    Diagnosis is done after the couple is subjected to the following: 

    History – personal and family
    Examination – of the male and female partner
    Tests and other procedures

    Evaluation of Male partner:

    Not all the tests are needed for all patients.
    General health, HIV , HBS AG & HCV   are  to be tested .

    Basic investigation of Male




    Semen analysis

    Know the total sperm count, motility, normality of sperms and other parameters.

    Hormonal analysis by blood test: FSH, LH, Testosterone and Prolactin.

    Know the cause of Azoospermia.


    Scrotal Ultrasound

     Distinguish varicocele from other testicular lesions

    Semen C&S

     To rule out infection.

    Chromosomal analysis

    In cases involving severely defective spermatogenesis genetic counseling and testing is offered.


    About investigation result and future treatment.

    Note: Semen taken after 2-7 days of sexual abstinence. Semen ejaculated by masturbation in special container at home, hotel or hospital.
    The above procedures are done with one sample of semen

    Evaluation of female partner:

    Age of the female partner is an important factor in fertility and as a woman becomes older her fertility diminishes.
    General health, HIV, HBS AG,HCV, HB estimation (should be >10 g before embarking upon IVF treatment.

    Basic investigation of Female




    Hormonal evaluation

    Baseline levels of FSH, LH on day -2 or day 3- of the menstrual cycle is estimated which predicts the ovarian reserve .Other hormones like TSH and Prolactin are also estimated. Inhibin & Anti mullerian hormone gives additional information.

    Baseline Ultra Sound Scanning

    To assess the uterus and ovaries –to rule out fibroids, cysts, to assess the number of available follicles, and ovarian volume and accessibility of the ovaries during ovum pick up.



    Assess the uterine cavity and tubal patency


    Indicated in some cases



    Trial ET

    Anticipate and rectify any difficulty during actual embryo transfer.



    To explain the procedure, complications, success rates and to clear any doubts of patients.

    One menstrual cycle (one month): From Day2 (D2) of the menses for one month is needed for observing/ checking the varying structural, functional and hormonal changes in uterus and ovary. For IVF treatment, next / another menstrual cycle is selected.